Political Science (317)

English Medium
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Module 1 Individual and The State
1.   Meaning and Scope of Political Science
2.   Nation and State
3.   Distinction between Society, Nation, State and Government
4.   Major Political Theories
MODULE 2 : Aspects of the Constitution of India
5.   Preamble and the Salient Features of the Constitution of India
6.   Fundamental Rights
7.   Directive Principles of State Policy and Fundamental Duties
8.   Indian Federal System
9.   Emergency Provisions
MODULE 3 : Structure of Government
10.   Union Executive
11.   Parliament of India
12.   Supreme Court of India
13.   Executive in the States
14.   State Legislature
15.   High Courts and Subordinate Courts
16.   Local Government:Urban and Rural
MODULE 4 : Democracy at Work
17.   Universal Adult Franchise and The Methods of Representation
18.   Electoral System in India
19.   National Political Parties
20.   Regionalism and Regional Parties
21.   Public Opinion and Pressure Groups
MODULE 5 : Major Contemporary Issues
22.   Communalism, Caste and Reservations
23.   Environmental Awareness
24.   Good Governance
25.   Human Rights
MODULE 6 : India and the World
26.   India's Foreign Policy
27.   India's Relations with USA and Russia
28.   India and its Neighbours : China, Pakistan and Sri Lanka
Optional MODULE 1 : World Order and the United Nations
29.   Contemporary World Order
30.   The United Nations
31.   United Nations Peace Activities
32.   United Nations and Economic and Social Development
Optional MODULE 2 : Administrative System in India
33.   Public service Commission
34.   Administrative Machinery at The Centre, States and District Levels
35.   Political Executive and Bureaucracy
36.   Public Grievances and Redressal Machinery
    Question Paper Design
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