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NIOS Senior Secondary Result 2020

NIOS Senior Secondary Result 2020

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Welcome to NIOS VISION POINT Prayagraj

NIOS VISION POINT is private, non-traditional, alternative educational institution which has excellent stand which helps students in clearing NIOS with ease.
NIOS VISION POINT is a premier Institute of PRAYAGRAJ UP – INDIA for the education. having highly qualified and experienced teaching and technical as per universities Norms, many guest lecturers take their lectures time to time as per requirement.
We maintain high quality Infrastructure and have tie-up with many Organizations, Universities, Colleges, Centers for exposure and Project Training of Students.

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How to Pass From NIOS board in 10th And 12th ?

There are so many students who are good in one subject but poor in others which results to FAIL in final exams. In NIOS, you can appear for few subjects in first half of the year and for the remaining subject next half of the session.
In this way students can pass a simple subject and a difficult subject first and then pass the remaining subjects later. If someone has failed in class 9 or 11 and wants to take the class 10th or 11th exam without class again then NIOS is the best option for them


It will not be exaggeration that in this competitive world NIOS is a boon for the students. In IIT-JEE, Medical and other competitive examination, now-a-days, students are crushed in both schooling system and competitive examinations. School demands 75%attendance compulsory and with other hard restrictions of schools so students do not get sufficient time for their competitive examination. These students can not get admission in any standard institution at KOTA, KANPUR or big cities but they are forced at study in villages and small cities. As a result, they are not able to get proper guidance and admission in I.I.T., Medical or any other advanced institution of Indian although they are talented and genius live other selected students.

NIOS is an easy solution of this problem of students, Motto of NIOS ‘for all and for everyone’ and NIOS follow ‘Principal of freedom of learning’ NIOS provides freedom from class. It is class free educational system so students get not only sufficient time but freedom to appear class anywhere in India.

NIOS is a ray of home for us parents they are overburdened with wanted and unnecessary high fee and extra-costly books of Public School. In NIOS, there is nominal registration fee and NIOS Board provides free study materials / vedio lectures and live classes to all the students. NIOS also provides free classes from time to time as well as remedical classes for all the students.

NIOS is the only board which conducts examination two times in an academic calendar April-May and Oct-Nov. In this board these is system ‘Transfer of credit marks. NIOS provides ‘On demand examination’ every month through out year. Now-a-days, NIOS Board’s percentile in I.I.T., and other competitive examination is better than CBSE Board marks. So its success ratio is increased by leaps and bounds. So, Let us join NIOS and Shape your golden future.